My Herbalife Nutrition journey began when I was pregnant. I was blown away by my friend Danielle Armstrong's body transformation. She was glowing and looked absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe this was all down to Herbalife Nutrition. I had always been fairly cynical towards Herbalife & thought it was another FAD diet. However Danni changed my whole perspective by explaining that Herbalife Nutrition is a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Lots of people were complimenting me on how well I was looking considering I've just had a baby, therefore I thought it was only fair to share on my social media the Herbalife products I've been using. I have the Formula 1 shake for breakfast and I mix my Formula 1 with Protein Drink Mix and water as this helps to reach my protein target and to maintain or gain some lean muscle. I add the Aloe Mango Concentrate to my water throughout the day as this helps to cleanse my digestive system. With improved digestive health this can give your body to achieve an all round better wellness result. I also love The Thermo Tea and swear by this product, it speeds up your metabolism and burns calories so the more you drink the more you shrink. 

It's fair to say I have seen incredible results since having Sunday, my baby girl and I can't wait to see all your results too. I have never felt so energized, toned, lean and healthy. The products work perfectly for anyone and you can tailor make a plan perfect for you. As soon as you order products we will welcome you into our client support group on Facebook where we also share our exercise workouts and healthy meal and snack ideas. It's an amazing group of people supporting and encouraging one another and there's nothing better when we get to post our results.

I'm so excited for you to all to start your journeys and I can't wait to help you achieve your body goals!

Lots Of Love Ferne xx

Ultimate Weight Loss

Ideal 3


This is the ultimate plan if you are looking to lose weight and get serious. I was on this plan for 6 months after giving birth.

You will replace breakfast AND lunch with a delicious shake - with lots of flavours to choose from to keep your meals varied. 

This plan also comes with the the Thermo Tea & the Aloe Mango Concentrate Mix for ultimate weight loss.

3 Simple Plans



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Healthy Breakfast Plan

Ideal 2


This is the perfect plan if you struggle to eat breakfast and stay healthy throughout the day!

Do the same as Plan A - have your Shake for breakfast and add the Aloe mango concentrate mix to your water throughout the day.

Add thermo tea to the mix which is a healthy replacement to tea and coffee, with a low calorie caffeine option!

The Starter

Ideal 1

This is the best plan to get started!!

You simply have a formula one shake for breakfast (2 scoops) and you add 1 or 2 scoops of protein drink mix and blend with ice and water.

The Protein Drink Mix acts as a milk replacement, creates a leaner shake and cuts more calories by not having to mix with milk.


"I cannot wait to share my Herbalife story with you and hear all of your amazing results!"

"I cannot wait to share my Herbalife story with you and hear all of your amazing results!"

My Plan Now!


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Why Herbalife?

Join My Team

You may have seen me talking a lot about joining my team on my social medias, my team has grown massively over the past few months and I couldn't be happier. My team is full of like-minded people who simply love Herbalife and love helping people in health and wealth (just like me)

Not only has Herbalife Nutrition helped me achieve my fitness goals, I have also made friends for life in my team members and am forever looking for people to join me and my team to continue helping others.

Many people have joined my team for many reasons, to simply earn an extra income on the side or to eventually sack the boss and work from home.

This business is perfect for everyone and anyone, if you are a busy Mum or even work full time this suits you. As soon as people start noticing the difference in your body from the Herbalife Nutrition products, you will already be off to a flying start.

Interested and wanting to know more? 

Simply click the button below and fill out a short application and I will be in touch 

Can't wait for you to get started and hopefully speak to you soon!

Lots of love, Ferne x


Now over a year of consistently enjoying the products I have never looked back. Like most busy Mums my mornings can be rushed and hectic so the healthy breakfast shake fits in well with my crazy schedule. I can confidently go about my day knowing I have fueled my body with the world's leading nutrition. The shakes taste so good, are quick and easy to make & is a sustainable lifestyle to follow.

Watch above to see how easy it is to make your full breakfast plan.

The idea is that you don't skip breakfast and eat more healthy foods. So have a shake for breakfast followed by healthy snacks, lunch and dinners.

Ok so this isn't ground-breaking news. We've all been told a million times to drink more water. It really does help guys, your body needs water to function. It's recommended to have 1 litre per 5 stone of your weight per day.

Right, don't panic! You don't need to do a 10-hour workout in the gym to move more. Just make active choices, if you can walk, don't drive! Take the dog for a long walk maybe, just aim for 10,000 steps a day if you can!

My Story

Want to work out exactly it is that you need to help reach your body goal?

Take the wellness profile, using the button below to get your very own meal, 7 day workout and nutrition plan by simply filling in a few details about yourself.

I want to make sure you all get the 1-1 approach with your Herbalife Nutrition experience, this wellness profile that I have put together gives me the opportunity to work with your needs and goals.

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