Ultimate Weight Loss

Ideal 3


This is the ultimate plan if you are looking to lose weight and get serious. I was on this plan for 6 months after giving birth.

You will replace breakfast AND lunch with a delicious shake - with lots of flavours to choose from to keep your meals varied. 

This plan also comes with the the Thermo Tea & the Aloe Mango Concentrate Mix for ultimate weight loss.

3 Simple Plans


Healthy Breakfast Plan

Ideal 2


This is the perfect plan if you struggle to eat breakfast and stay healthy throughout the day!

Do the same as Plan A - have your Shake for breakfast and add the Aloe mango concentrate mix to your water throughout the day.

Add thermo tea to the mix which is a healthy replacement to tea and coffee, with a low calorie caffeine option!

The Starter

Ideal 1

This is the best plan to get started!!

You simply have a formula one shake for breakfast (2 scoops) and you add 1 or 2 scoops of protein drink mix and blend with ice and water.

The Protein Drink Mix acts as a milk replacement, creates a leaner shake and cuts more calories by not having to mix with milk.


"I cannot wait to share my Herbalife story with you and hear all of your amazing results!"

My Plan Now!


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My Daily Routine

Join My Team

You may have seen me talking a lot about joining my team on my social medias, my team has grown massively over the past few months and I couldn't be happier. My team is full of like-minded people who simply love Herbalife and love helping people in health and wealth (just like me)

Not only has Herbalife Nutrition helped me achieve my fitness goals, I have also made friends for life in my team members and am forever looking for people to join me and my team to continue helping others.

Many people have joined my team for many reasons, to simply earn an extra income on the side or to eventually sack the boss and work from home.

This business is perfect for everyone and anyone, if you are a busy Mum or even work full time this suits you. As soon as people start noticing the difference in your body from the Herbalife Nutrition products, you will already be off to a flying start.

Interested and wanting to know more? 

Simply click the button below and fill out a short application and I will be in touch 

Can't wait for you to get started and hopefully speak to you soon!

Lots of love, Ferne x


My Story



I'm only human so yes I still have my cheat meals, my girly night ins with a takeaway & my nights out, but my daily routine generally stays the same.

Everyday without fail, I start my day off with a Herbalife Nutrition shake following with my Herbal Tea & Aloe Mango (the Tea is a lifesaver being a busy mum).

I workout 2-3 times a week, nothing crazy, an hour in the gym, mostly weight training. I use the Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength after my workout to help repair & restore my muscles and the CR7 drive to fuel my workouts.

Lunchtime!! My time is very limited as a busy mum with a crazy schedule so my lunches are normally salads, soups, wraps or even another shake purely because its so quick & easy.

2 healthy snacks throughout the day, high in protein and low in calories. We provide snack & meal ideas in our facebook support group.

I LOVE cooking!! Dinner time is my fave!!! My dinners tend to be under 700 calories & a mixture of healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein.

We all know how important water is to our diet, aim for 2-3 litres of water a day.

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