So many people have been asking what products I use, they are all available from this site but below I have created 4 plans ideal for starting your Herbalife including my own Breakfast Plan.

Formula 1 - Chocolate and strawberry are my favourite but they are all nice!
PDM  - I use this so that I don't have to use milk and can make my shakes with water. It means the shakes have more protein 🙂
Thermo Tea - Great for energy, healthier than traditional tea and coffee and lovely hot or cold
Aloe Mango - The benefits of Aloe for good health are well known and this just tastes amazing, even add the mango flavour one to my tea

Choose Your Breakfast Plan:

IMPORTANT - Choose your plan, pick your flavours and add to cart.

  1. STARTER - Shake & Tea
  2. IDEAL - Shake, Tea & Aloe
  3. DANNI'S PLAN - Shake, Tea, Aloe & PDM
  4. DANNI'S ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS PLAN - Shake, Tea, Aloe, PDM & Apple Oat Fibre

Of course you can choose whatever flavours you want and if you are happy using milk you don't need the PDM.

Order Process:

You will receive an invitation to our Facebook support group and we'll share lots of recipes, tips on how to make great tasting shakes and enjoy all the products.
Once you have placed an order you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your order has been processed and details of how to gain access to my support group.

So excited to support you on your journey and see your results!

Danni x