Carmen's Journey

Tell us about your story?

After spending the decade of my 30s having my 3 children and putting on weight with everyone of them. I hit 40 and realised I needed something different to push me through to lose my final stone in weight. A friend of mine introduced me to Herbalife and suggested the products. I used them for around six months with a steady weight lose but still found it hard to shift the belly and the love handles that is when I was told about the 21 day challenge. 

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I've always been someone who exercises so it wasn't a problem to up that, sticking to the plan just made sure I was accountable for every calorie I put in my mouth.

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
I lost 6lb on the challenge alone using P.D.M strawberry, red berry and vanilla formula 1 and apple oat fibre. I have definitely notice I have more energy and as an added bonus my skin and hair have felt better to.