Tell us about your story?
Hi I’m Karen, I started my health journey 3 years ago.  I have been a full-time Cost Lawyer for the past 24 years!  Pre Herbalife I suffered immensely with anxiety - using Alcohol & Fast Food as a method of coping! These two getaways were my go to’s everyday! I was constantly down & had low self-esteem only feeling happy after a glass of wine! I always had to go for baggy clothes, as bikinis & fitted dresses weren’t an option for me!! I started on the products after seeing my Sister’s energy & most of all the happiness in her face! Within a week my energy levels & natural serotonin went from 0-10!! I was a size 14/16 and now a Size 10!! My confidence is unbelievable!! To say Ill never look back is an understatement. 

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?
I feel unreal, happier & the best Iv felt throughout my 20’s & 30’s!! I’m now 40!!

It’s strange to say but it’s TRUE I can’t believe the woman I’am today compared to that younger woman I used to see in the mirror!! Herbalife has changed my life & will be forever grateful!!

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
My favourite products are Raspberry herbal tea, Aloe Mango, F1 with PDM, nut protein bars, protein chips, Collagen booster, OAF, Thermo complete and Microbiotic Max.