Louise's Journey

Tell us about your story?
I am Louise I am 43 and a mum of 2 children.
I am an amputee and walk with an artificial leg.
Losing weight has been hard not being able to exercise like most people, over the years I was unable to lose my baby weight after two C Sections as I really struggled to exercise.
Through 2019 and 2020 I was sent to work from home and the weight went on even more so my mental health then started to go as I wasn’t seeing anyone, I was lonely but food was always there to keep me company.
One biscuit led to 2 then a whole packet which then spiralled out of control opening up so many emotions.
My clothes were tight, my walking was suffering and I needed to take control.
I found herbalife and started the plan in March 2021.
I’ve been on plan now 9 months and I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 12.
My energy is through the roof.
I feel absolutely incredible!!!
I have fallen in love with clothes again and shopping.
The best thing is now I’ve lost over 30lbs in weight I’ve just had a new artificial leg made and I can for the first time in my life wear high heel shoes.
I feel incredible and I’ll forever be grateful to our herbalife products.
The plan is so easy I’ll never stop using them.

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?
I found it so easy to get up make my breakfast and plan my snacks.
The plan is perfect for busy lifestyles and it suited my life.

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
Banana 🍌 F1 with vegan PDM
Lemon protein bar
Lemon tea
Lemon & lime lift off