Tell us about your story?

I joined Herbalife 1 year Ago but only started using the products PROPERLY this January challenge 2022.

So my little girl Gracie-Mae is 29 months and my baby belly is just something I cannot shift!

Started using the products CONSISTENTLY and eating healthier list so many inches and nearly 1 stone over 2 challenges.

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

My baby belly is going slowly and clothes are feeling better I love takeaway food but cook my own fakeaways instead.

I have lots more energy to and I’m at lot more active.

I love Herbalife now and I have a few customers achieving their goals 💚

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?

My favourite is banana and strawberry F1. I couldn’t be without the whizzy tea I love the raspberry and lemon flavours