Rachelle's Journey

Tell us about your story?

"I have lost over 1.5 stones in  9 months using Herbalife products, dropping 2 dress sizes. I have lost over 55lbs in 2 years."

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

"With Herbalife I keep redefining my results. I moved away from plateauing on my weight loss journey to developing body confidence and a new love for food. Not only helping to change and transform my body, Herbalife has helped change my mindset dramatically. I started using the products to lose weight but have found along the way its so much more than the physical results."

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?

“I love the diversity, creativity and versatility of the products". There are so many great products its hard to choose but some of my favourites are the Formula 1, Instant Herbal Drink, Oat Apple Fibre, Protein Drink Mix, Aloe Mango ConcentrateThermo Complete, Collagen Booster, Rebuild Strength and the Skin Care Range, wow! Amazing products!"