Emily's Journey

Tell us about your story?

"I have been using Herbalife for a year now. I am a salon owner and this time last year I was getting ready to open my salon after the first lockdown. I knew I was going to be super busy and need as much energy I could get, but I also knew I wouldn't have much time. I didn't want to rely on junk food food! Herbalife completely changed my life and my mindset towards food. I've never had such a balanced relation with food, no restrictions! Yet Im in the best shape in my life. I still have takeaways, wine and chocolate, everything in moderation is my motto! "

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

"Herbalife has taught me how to live a balanced lifestyle and also how to make simple swaps for a healthier lifestyle. It's shown me the power of good nutrition too and what you can achieve when feeling your body properly."

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
“Aloe mango is amazing for helping me up water intake and I love aloe max for debloating.
Rebuild strength! This product has really helped me tone up and gain definition. I have it after every workout,
Personalised protein power, I have recently added this product to my shakes, its amazing for helping me reach that all important protein target and keeping me really full. This product is massively underated "