Laura's Journey

Tell us about your story?

"I have always struggled with my weight due to suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrome, a doctor told me I would always struggle to maintain my weight, during lockdown I gained a lot of weight and was so depressed physically and mentally, I then discovered Herbalife, I honestly thought I was starting a ‘shake diet’ but soon realised it was more of a lifestyle change and I ate lots of lovely food."

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

"Herbalife has made me realise that it’s possible to enjoy lovely food and maintain my weight, I’ve been using the products for nearly a year now and maintained my 4 stone/3 dress size weight loss. I’m so happy and confident, I’m now a fun mum  with loads of energy!"

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
The products I use are Formula 1, PDM, aloe mango and the microbiotic max but my absolute favourite products are oat apple fibre (couldn’t live without it) and the thermo tea!!"