Amy's Journey

Tell us about your story?

"I started my journey January 2021 after seeing Dannis journey. I wanted to loose my baby weight after having my second little boy in November 2020. I also wanted to give my body something back as my nutrition hadn’t been great throughout my pregnancy and would never have breakfast.
I’ve now been on plan for 8 months and lost 39lbs. I have so much more energy now ! Which is definitely needed in our household! When I first started I was only going to do the “diet” for 3 months but I soon realised that it was not a diet at all and was a lifestyle change that will now be in our cupboards for life."

How did Herbalife help you with your journey?

"The products just make it so easy !  You can make a healthy breakfast in 2 mins and when you have a busy lifestyle this is so important to me.
I never had time to make a healthy balanced breakfast and would sometimes not eat until the evening and when I look back I know now this is why I was always tired."

Which are your favourite Herbalife products?
"They also are delicious! It took me ages to get my head around the idea that they we so good for be but tasted amazing.
I alway thought that I had to workout every day to get results and never realised that what you fuel your body with is so important.
My favourite product would have to be the instant herbal beverage (raspberry) with the aloe mango. I think everyone should have this in their lives .. especially mums ! The energy I have now is amazing and I know it’s all down to this product.
My second favourite would have to be the collagen SKIN booster . This not only tastes good incredible but has helped me so much with my stretch marks and cellulite!"