Homemade NANDOS 🍗

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? You can create your very own fav Nando’s dishes & sides which are guilt free, super fun & healthy. I see it as a Nando’s tapas. All ‘help yourself’, small dishes for the whole family. I quite like to do this on a weekend to make me feel like I am having a treat 😋.

Chicken (thighs, wings or breast - my preferred is breast)
Cube it, kebab it, fillet it, bake it, fry it - just smother it in Nando’s sauce. I like to cook it in foil then in the oven so it’s nice and juicy.

Macho peas - these are so simple. I literally get them out of the freezer pour boiled water over the top. Blitz in the microwave. Drain them. Mash them so some are still whole , some are mashed up. Stir in a teaspoon of mint sauce, fresh parsley , fresh chilli optional, chopped spring onion and serve.

Whole meal toasted pittas.

Couscous - here I stirred in fresh tomatoe salsa, chopped green olives, smoked paprika & black pepper.

Sweet potatoes wedges baked in coconut oil and coated in Cajun spice. (Could also add Nando’s peri salt if you have 😉)

Grilled halloumi
Serve with fresh salad & sliced avocado.

Other dishes
Low fat hummus,
Corn on the cob,
Spicy rice