My Christmas Wish List

This will always be on my Wishlist. As you get older your natural collagen levels and skin elasticity decrease, so it is essential you take a supplement. This yummy strawberry and lemon drink gives me that youthful glow every day. 
In just 7 days you can see an improvement in softness, smoothness, radiance and luminousity in your skin. I use this product every day and it would be the PERFECT gift because who doesn’t want to diminish the visible signs on ageing and get that beautiful glow?! 
One of my absolute favourite vegan products is the banana flavour Tri-Blend, you just mix with water or can add into your shake. with 20g of protein it is the perfect on-the-go protein snack and has a beautiful nutty, rich flavour which I absolutely love.
This is something I believe every one should have. This product combats bloating, gas, heart burn, sugar cravings and up and down weight gain, 90% of serotonin is also produced in our gut so the Microbiotic Max can also help regulate your mood, leaving you with results both physically and mentally
Part of my everyday skin care essentials, I could not go without this moisturiser. It is so thick and creamy it feels so luxurious and soothing, it really does give you that amazing glow. 
Feeling tired? Need a little push to get you to the gym and have a banging workout. You better get this on your Wishlist too. This sugar-free energy drink includes 180mg of caffeine and vitamins B6, B12 and C to reduce fatigue. Not to mention is tastes delicious. 
It’s that time of year people start catching cold and flu symptoms. Give yourself a much better chance by helping your immune system. Not only does it do what it says on the tin but it includes key vitamins and minerals which I find gives me a lovely glow. 
WOW I love this product it tastes SO good. This protein bar includes 21g protein per bar so it really supports me after I’ve done a workout and it is so convenient to take to the gym. It also tastes delightful, who doesn’t love cookie dough?! 
You guys know how much I love my cooking so an absolute must have for me is the Herbalife Cookbook. There are so many delicious recipes included and loads that incorporate the products if you ever wanted to switch up your morning shake
Meeting your needed daily water intake is so important, to keep hydrated I take my water bottle EVERYWHERE. And how cute is this neon pink?!