I have always been naturally slender but since losing my baby weight, my goal has been to tone up and get abs! This is still a work in progress btw 😉
This is actually harder than losing weight. Not only do you need to adapt your eating habits, but exercising is really the only way I found that helps me to gain muscle and tone up.

I have always trained in the gym, even before pregnancy and Herbalife, but I was never seeing any results or really getting anywhere. I used to go 5 - 6 times a week, I now only go 3 times a week max. Only in the last few months have I started to see some definition appearing because I introduced these 3 simple steps into my workouts.

Heres my top tips to achieve a banging booty & abs like slabs!

1 - Do not over do it!
Slow and steady really does win the race. Previously, I would think that an hour walking/running on the treadmill would give me abs within days. It clearly wasn't working for me. Once I learnt that taking it slow and listening to my body was the way forward, I began to see the difference in my body shape. So my first step is, try not to over do it in your gym sessions as you will pay for it the day after and end up hating the gym even more than you did before 🤣 Try to start with short sessions (30 mins) and then as your activity level increases, that is when you can lengthen your sessions. Listen to your body during your workouts.

2 - Weight Training 🏋🏼‍♀️
After I gave birth I was literally only interested in losing weight and while being a single Mum to a new born baby, getting to the gym wasn't easy. Now Sunday is older and I am more into my fitness, I like to target certain areas that I feel need a bit more attention than others. One week I will focus solely on abs or bums etc but I will then alternate them every few sessions to make sure I am working all areas.

3 - Supplements (my beloved sports range)
As you may already know, the Herbalife 24 Sports Range has had a massive impact on how I perform in the gym. But it has also helped me build lean muscle and tone up! Before Herbalife Nutrition, I would down an energy drink before hitting the gym and that'll be it. I now take a during workout supplement called CR7 Drive which is a  is a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink which is used for maintaining endurance performance during prolonged exercise.
Also, believe it or not, I never knew that I had to consume protein after my workouts (to help restore & repair my muscles), how I coped without my Post Workout Shake, Rebuild 
Strength, I will never know 🤷🏼‍♀️ These products have been a game changer for my gym sessions and my progress.

Introduce these steps into your active lifestyle and it'll really make a difference. Trust me 💪🏼

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