With the new year brings lots of New Years Resolutions, some want to work out more, some may cut out booze, but in recent years many people have been trying out Veganuary. 
Vegans don’t eat any animal-based products. This includes, meats, cheese, milk, eggs and other dairy products. There’s many reasons why adopting a plant-based diet is a great thing to do, some benefits including:
  • Health concerns: Potential benefits of a vegan diet include lower cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease, lower risk of cancers, and an improvement in mental health, many people find that symptoms of anxiety, depression and fatigue can decrease.

  • The environment: The meat industry is one of the highest contributors to pollution and adds significantly to greenhouse gasses. Animal farming is responsible for 70% of agricultural CO2 emissions, so cutting meat out of your diet can help the planet. 

  • Compassion for animals: So many people quit eating meat due to the awful treatment of animal in mass meat and dairy farming. Severe overcrowding, disease, and treatment of ‘unusable’ animals, I won’t go into this too much but you can research what happens to the chicks that can’t produce eggs, so morally cutting out meat and dairy will be a massive benefit to your conscious because you are also cutting out animal cruelty. 

  • Weight control: Vegans can typically weigh as much as 5-20 pounds less than meat-eaters and enjoy a lower BMI!

    A common myth about veganism is that it is too hard to make substitutions and that the diet is boring. That’s where I can help you. We offer an entire vegan range to our products. You can stay on plan whilst not consuming any animal-based products or dairy. Our Facebook group also offers a whole range of delicious Vegan recipes for your lunches, dinners or snacks so you can inspiration at hand to support you. 

    If you’re trying out Veganuary, well done and you can shop our Vegan range here to support your journey! 
    Love Ferne x