Winter Warmer | Beef Stew

I didn’t have time to use the slow cooker but this would be a great recipe to be used for that.
I done it on the hob.

Soften a chopped onion in oil
Add chopped celery & chopped chunky carrots.
Add a large handful of fresh thyme.
Salt and pepper.

Add 600ml of water & crumble in beef stock or stir in one of the beef stock jellies.

Throw in some new potatoes halved or peeled and cubed potatoes.

In a separate pan brown off cubed beef.

Add to stew mixture. Bring to a boil then turn heat down and leave to simmer with a lid on the pan until carrots and potatoes have softened.

Stir in spinach leaves at the end. Serve with fresh parsley on top.

If you want a thicker sauce like I have then mix 2 tbsp of corn flour in a little water and stir it in x